When Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist anything except temptation,” he could not have known he was describing not only myself but countless other photography enthusiasts too.

The fact is I found a loophole in my assertion that I would not be making any major purchases this year. I made the promise in the context of not depleting our savings further during 2017. Talking to ‘senior management’ as she is known it became clear that if I sold something to fund a new purchase that would be an acceptable get out. So I did something I’ve been debating for a long while.

(c) Dave Whenham
Fuji XT10

I sold my Nikon D800E.

Not a decision I took lightly but the simple fact is that I haven’t used it in over four months. I no longer undertake any paid work so as a camera for producing work for online viewing and prints up to A3 it could only be described as overkill. Plus I am no longer appreciating the weight (which is probably why I rarely take it out of the cupboard.

Which is why I am sat here awaiting the arrival of the postman with my shiny,pre-owned Fuji XT-1.  That is not a typo – the Fuji XT-1, not the XT-2. I toyed with getting the XT-2 but very few used bodies come up at present and those that do are still very expensive. I am primarily a landscape photographer and the XT-1 will fit my needs very well, I use the X100t for street photography and still have the XT-10 which is great fun to use.

Despite committing myself further into the Fuji system I’m not ready to ditch the DSLR yet and may still find a need for a full frame camera so I have the kept the D750 and my Nikon glass but realistically I can’t see them getting too many outings this year.

Come on Mr Postman!

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