Kentmere 400

If you are a film photographer you probably know what Kentmere 400 is. If you are not however I shall explain.

Kentmere 400 is a fast speed black and white camera film which is suitable for all aspects of general purpose photography, and is capable of generating high quality images.  Being rated at ISO 400, it makes it particularly suitable for working with action shots and available light situations.

OK, so I pinched the description from Kentmere’s website but I figure that if any prospective customer reads this they would want accuracy!

Dave Whenham
Nikon AF, fixed 35mm lens – Pudsey, West Yorkshire

All of the images here were shot on Kentmere 400, 35mm film and the negatives scanned using an Epson V550 flatbed scanner and finished in Photoshop.  When I say finished I mean mainly spotting out dust marks, cropping in some cases and some minor dodging and burning. All things I’d do in my darkroom if it wasn’t currently being used as a store room!

© Dave Whenham
Nikon AF. Sky burnt in during processing

I have used a variety of cameras whilst testing this film including a Nikon AF which has a fixed 35mm lens and very little in the way of manual capability. The challenge here therefore was to concentrate on composition and trying to avoid excessive contrasts in the scene.

© Dave Whenham
In a field somewhere in Scotland – Nikon F80

The Nikon F80 was introduced in February 2000 and was considered by many to be the best 35mm film camera for serious amateur photographers until those amateurs went digital. It’s a relatively new addition to my kit bag and as ever with these old cameras I enjoyed putting it through its paces.

© Dave Whenham
After the Storm – Nikon F80
© Dave Whenham
Nikon F80 – a field in Scotland!
© Dave Whenham
Nikon AF – Pudsey, West Yorkshire
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