X100T Saves the Day

Since the arrival of the X-Pro1 I’ve rather neglected the X100T using the former for wandering about and the X-T10 for landscapes.  After breakfast on Tuesday morning we drove down to the Mumbles for a stroll and to give the wife a chance to play on the 2p machines at the arcade. I know – rock ‘n’ roll!   Upon leaving the car I grabbed the bag with the X-Pro1, a spare battery and a cleaning cloth. On an impulse I grabbed the X100T which was in the boot of the car and popped that in the bag too.

(c) Dave Whenham
Mumbles panorama

Midway through the afternoon we found ourselves at Mumbles Pier. Whilst the wife gambled her pennies I wandered down onto the beach with the X-Pro1 and my favourite 35mm f1.4 lens. It was not the best choice though as I found myself wanting a wider view. Remembering the X100T with its fixed 23mm lens I swapped cameras – and never swapped back.

As I wandered on the beach looking for compositions a few clouds scudded into view giving some interest to what had been a bland, hazy sky all day up until then.  Whilst switching Drive modes I spotted the Sweep Panorama feature, something I hadn’t used previously. It’s fair to say I gave it plenty of use!  The panorama above is straight from camera .

(c) Dave Whenham

The beauty of the X100T is how small it is. But I’d have to also say that the 23mm lens is extremely versatile for a landscaper like myself.

Two weeks ago I was confident that I’d try to upgrade to the XT2 early next year. Then I bought the X-Pro1 and “knew” that I’d prefer the X-Pro2 to the XT2. Now I’m confused – perhaps I will look at the X100F?  Who know!!


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