I know – ridiculous right? Walking down a hotel corridor in my bare feet at 5.30 in the morning, boots and socks in one hand and camera bag and tripod in the other. Welcome to the balancing act that is a photographer on a family holiday!

(c) Dave Whenham
Swansea Bay

I was up earlier than yesterday because I planned to photograph further down the Bay and this would involve a short drive. As I sat on the wall outside the hotel in the dark at 5.35am  putting on socks and walking shoes I did wonder about my sanity. However, fast forward to 8.05am when I tiptoed back into the hotel room to find my wife still sleeping I remembered how sane the decision was but I digress. There was a bank of low-lying cloud along the horizon and it wasn’t looking good for a colourful sunrise but I’ve been doing this long enough to know to go with the flow. However, twenty minutes later stood on the promenade with the wind parting what little hair I have I accepted this wasn’t going to be a repeat of the previous day.

Being able to improvise is a key skill for a landscape photographer and I returned to base and took a walk along the opposite side of the tidal lagoon to see what opportunities that location would offer if the light was better tomorrow. I ended up walking a couple of miles and found myself amongst the sand dunes that border the beach.

(c) Dave Whenham
Waterfront and Dunes

By not giving up I managed to capture two or three decent “snaps” this morning whilst my other half slept. We now have the day ahead of us with a completely domestic agenda but I can rest easy knowing I’ve had my fix of “serious” photography for the day so anything else will clearly be a bonus.

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