Morning Hair!

© Dave Whenham
Morning Ted!

Sometimes I think we take photography, and by extension ourselves, far too seriously.  This was unplanned yet really captures  the moment to my mind. Captured with the Fuji X-T10 and the Fujinon 35mm f1.4.  Or to put it another way, the first camera I laid my hands on at the time.

But unplanned doesn’t mean unthoughtful. It was a spur of the moment opportunity but its successful execution relied upon experience and understanding to not only grab the moment but to do so in a way that shows the subject to good advantage. This is perhaps the difference between a casual snap and a more polished image?  A rhetorical question but feel free to leave a comment below!

The technical details: f1.4 | 1/12th second | ISO 200 | available light | no tripod.

Seeing the opportunity I quickly set an off-centre focus point (I use a single point most of the time), flicked the aperture ring to f1.4 and moved the camera into position. I rested the camera on a handy stack of papers (what a good job I don’t tidy my workspace very often) and viewed the LCD screen obliquely – I was surprised at how much visibility I had when you consider I was at around 80° to the screen.  I could just see the focus point and was able to line it up with the nearest eye and take three frames before Ted moved. All of which took far less time than its taken me to type this or indeed you to read this.

I was sat at my desk so a few moments later I’d converted the file to mono and posted it to my Facebook account.

The lens incidentally is a new acquisition, purchased used from MPB and typically for them it’s in great condition. Based on this first experience with the lens I’m going to enjoy playing with it a lot. Who knows I may even post a review at some point.