Revisiting … Dean Clough

The Dean Clough mill complex in Halifax is a favourite haunt of mine photographically and has been for a long while now.  My wife works in one of the former mills and when she works late I pick her up in the car, usually arriving far too early and having to wait for her to finish. Last night I took the Fuji X100T with a vague idea of wandering around whilst I waited to see what caught my eye (sound familiar?)

© Dave Whenham
Doorway – Dean Clough

The X100T was the perfect choice as it is small, light and as I’m quickly realising ideally suited for such meanderings. Indeed, it has quickly become my street-camera of choice and the perfect go-anywhere companion.

© Dave Whenham
In … Out

Fear not, this is not a blog full of windows! The diptych above features adjacent windows in another converted mill and was shot as a single frame. However the gap between them was about eight feet and capturing them in that single photograph left a huge gap between the two that I felt  added nothing to the narrative. If anything the contrast between the two was lessened by the “blank” space.  So after processing them as a single picture I simply cropped out the space between leaving a narrow white border to provide a clue as to what I had done.

© Dave Whenham
Variations on a single image

One of the joys of digital photography is the ability to produce variations on a theme from a single file. In the set above the original is bottom left, a straight forward shot of the mill reflected in a large puddle. Being me I of course produced a mono variation, bottom right. But, inspired no doubt by yesterdays cafe shadows (see previous post), I then flipped the original to produce the main image above.

© Dave Whenham
More flipped reflections
© Dave Whenham
Who could resist this opportunity? I have given it a grungy black & white treatment that I felt complemented the subject.
© Dave Whenham
Something pictorial from an urban landscape

I appreciate that none of these would win a camera club competition but that is not the point of the series, indeed of the ongoing project that is my documentation of Dean Clough.  I do make photographs specifically for my club competitions and monthly folios but they are separate from my ongoing and rather more personal projects such as Dean Clough. I enjoy wandering around the complex and photographing whatever catches my eye. If others like the results that is a very pleasing bonus but it’s not the purpose of the exercise.

I must be getting to the point where I have enough images from Dean Clough for a book!

All images © Dave Whenham

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