Fisheye anyone?

Another new toy has found its way into my kit bag. I only played briefly with it yesterday, the first proper test will come next week when I go to London for a few days. However, I had a blast with it despite only having ten minutes or so and here are the first few shots from this little gem.

© Dave Whenham

The lens is a Samyang 8 mm F2.8 II Fisheye lens which I bought to pair with the Fuji X-T10. It is a fully manual lens which probably helps to keep the costs very low for such an item but they have not skimped on build quality or optical performance if my first few shots are anything to go by.  I shall probably do a real-world user review in due course but as someone brought up on old manual film cameras using a fully manual lens is not an issue.

Spot the photographer!!

As the shot above shows real care is needed to avoid appearing in the frame yourself but I guess this is part of the fun.

© Dave Whenham
It’s a straight shot, no double exposure or post production malarkey.

All images taken with a Fuji X-T10 with Samyang 8mm lens and © Dave Whenham.