A Walk in the Park

Just a small selection of images from the Fuji X100t, continuing the exploration of Fuji’s in-camera JPEGs.  This time seeing how the camera worked in a high-contrast scene with bright sunlight and deep shadows together with the challenge of shooting into the sun and on the whole it’s handled very well.

These were all taken using the B&W – yellow filter profile in its native state. I’m not unhappy with these straight-from-camera at all but they could do with some extra punch to my eyes so I’m off to find out how to customise these profiles to better suit my tastes.

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Once again these are the in-camera JPEGs however I have had to lift the shadows a touch in some of them due to the very high contrast scenes. That said, the post-production work was simply that, a quick tweak to shadows or highlights and re-save.  I spent less time processing and saving these eight images than I would normally spend processing just one RAW file.  With a bit of tweaking these profiles are going to save me a lot of time at the computer in the future I suspect.


All images © Dave Whenham

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