Textured amusement

I’ve been trying out a new way to light floral studies today using an A3 light panel and three off camera flashes.  I’m away for a few days now so processing the images will need to wait but I was keen to have a quick look so downloaded a handful to the iPad.


© Dave Whenham
Simplicity is the aim on ths shoot
I was pleased with the outcome from this experiment (see above) and am looking forward to processing and printing the images next week. In the meantime I had a bit of fun on the iPad using a couple of Apps that have become my go-to apps for processing on the go. Snapseed is used for basic processing and then for some images I open the image in DistressedFX to apply a texture as I did in the case of these floral images.

 © Dave Whenham  
© Dave Whenham  © Dave Whenham 
This provided me with some amusement this afternoon, making for a pleasing half hour diversion from my domestic chores. I hope you enjoy them too.

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