Musing on a Sunday Morning

What is it about Sunday mornings that brings out the muser (is that a word?) in so many of us?  I don’t propose trying to answer said musing but I’m grateful to it as, in the way of such things, it has led me to consider how to harness the recent learnings (iPad processing etcetera) and use them in my photography going forward.

© Dave Whenham
Amaryllis – outwardly well past its best but to the creatively-wielded macro lens still a visual delight.
I’m not sure who said it first, if I did I could credit them, but I like the mantra “don’t focus on being the best, just focus on being better than last week”.  I can relate to that and thinking back it was something I unconsciously adopted throughout my working life.  Being the best brings with it unnecessary pressures and to my mind the more modest objective of being the best that you can be, step by step and without undue pressure, seems a far more desirable state of being.
© Dave Whenham
Shooting into the sun (Nikon D750 with plastic Lensbaby lens)

As I’ve sat here musing a thought has started to percolate through my aged grey cells. A project. I know from my own experiences and from that of other people that a photographic project can give some impetus and direction to some really creative and rewarding work. I also know that it can become a millstone around the photographer’s neck.  So it’s important to choose the right project at the right time and not to set totally unrealistic targets. That way lies madness and despair (although that may be slightly over-dramatic).

© Dave Whenham

So, taking a leaf out of my friend Janet’s blog, I’m going to ponder over the next few days before committing to anything, at least in these pages. A public commitment can work wonders for personal photographic projects I know but it can also put a lot of pressure on the photographer so pragmatically I’m going to let it gestate for a few days.  Now, I know that it is very possible that  apart from myself no-one reads these ramblings – but it pays to be optimistically cautious to avoid public shame and humiliation when a project doesn’t get off the ground 🙂