It’s been a long time …

… December 1st 2015 to be precise since I last wrote in this blog. Long story which I won’t bore anyone with here but the important thing is that I grabbed the camera yesterday morning, jumped in the car and headed off to The Ridgeway whilst my wife went to the football with her cousins (I know, some would see this as role reversal).  Now the Ridgeway is over two hundred miles from where I live, which is where the football becomes relevant but I digress.

© Dave Whenham

It was the first time since early November last year that I’d gone out with any serious intent of making photographs but I’m pleased to report that it felt as if I’d never been away.  My way of working has evolved over the years and usually involves wandering around a location with or without a camera in my hand and only taking the tripod out when I’ve seen a composition that I want to work with.  The tripod slows down the “serious” picture making which brings considerable benefits but having the camera in my hand also allows a degree of spontaneity.  For me using both approaches works but it won’t find approval with all camps I’m sure.

One thing I’ve rarely compromised on though is in the processing of the RAW images (yes, RAW not JPEG, but that’s a debate for another day) which I have always done on the computer at home. Experiments with a laptop in the holiday cottage have rarely been successful and so I usually wait until I get home. On Saturday afternoon though I was keen to see what was on the cards so downloaded a handful to the iPad whilst sat in the car at the top of Hackpen Hill.  The results surprised me and I was more than happy to post a couple to Facebook and also Instagram sat peacefully up on the Ridgeway.  I might even try printing them when I get home next week.