Developing Tanks Are Go!

Following my last post I have now dusted off the developing tank and successfully developed both rolls of 35mm film. Both were well past their use-by date but still gave well exposed, contrasty negatives and it was odd to see images I’d taken a couple of years ago.

I’ve kept careful notes of the processing times etcetera for future reference but everything worked smoothly and I was left with two sets of clean, unstained negatives.

© Dave Whenham
Zac – two years ago perhaps?  Canon A1 35mm film camera. Film home processed. Scan from warm-tone darkroom print

I had such a lot of good wishes from friends via social media in particular regarding my return to the darkroom that I thought I’d share my very first test strips and print with them … but the only way to do so is to scan it into the computer!! Oh the irony!!!

My return to darkroom printing is about expanding my own horizons and skills and I hope to use my darkroom prints for The Postal Photographic Club monthly folios and competitions as well as my own walls.

More to follow including the first test strips and first finished print.

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