The 12-Portrait Challenge

© Dave Whenham LRPSI strongly believe that to stay fresh as a photographer it is important to continuously learn and more importantly to challenge yourself. It is far too easy to get into your comfort zone and slide into doing the same things that you did the month before and never really progressing. It is from this belief that the 12-Portrait Challenge was born. I am challenging myself to create 12 series of images from 12 different portrait challenges and the subject matter is down to chance.

To start things off I posted on my Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 12.44.07 In the first hour I had two, very different responses both of which will challenge me both in terms of the subject matter and the techniques needed. No big clues yet but one is definitely an outdoor pursuit whilst the other isn’t traditionally seen that way – but with a bit of creative thinking I’m working on some ideas to take it outdoors.

A date is already in the diary for one of these and I have two weeks to scout locations and work out my initial shot list – oh and identify any gaps in my skills! From a quick call today it is clear that there will be plenty of creative input from the subject too and I for one am very excited about the shoot. Fingers crossed the weather holds, watch this space!

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