Some festive frivolities

© Dave Whenham 2014
Day one of my project sees me in Scotland heading towards a photographic bonanza on Skye.

As a photographer I am constantly looking to improve my skills particularly with the camera and have spent many hours doing just that. It is one of the things that we offer, years of experience, trials, tribulations and experimentation go into making that “special” image.

Making my plans for 2015 recently I decided that I would add taking my post-production skills to the next level to my personal learning plan for the coming year. As an exercise therefore I photographed the view from my study window (a main road with houses opposite, hardly inspiring) and set about producing a virtual office which I have been posting to my Facebook page this week.

Those who know where I live would have realised straight away that it was a bit of fun but many have commented on how lucky I am to have this view …

The success of these composites is in the small touches. Matching the direction of light in the outside scene to the highlights on the window frame and also picking up the nuances of colour that result. The compositing process is straight forward, if fiddly at times, but what is most important is understanding light and how it works. So the photographic skills honed over many years are still important when sitting at the computer playing in Photoshop!

© Dave Whenham 2014

© Dave Whenham 2014

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